Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Club Activity LIVE & FAN MEETING 2018
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South Korea

March 3, 2019(Sun) Starting at 18:00 (Local Time)
■Seoul  MEGABOX Gangnam new!
     MEGABOX Mokdong
     MEGABOX Baekseok
■Daegu MEGABOX Daegu
■Busan MEGABOX Pusan National Univ.


March 3, 2019(Sun) Starting at 17:00 (Local Time)
■Taipei    VieShow Cinemas Taipei Hsin-Yi
■Linko     Vieshow Cinemas Linkou Mitsui Outlet Park
■Taichung   VieShow Cinemas Taichung Tiger City
■Kaohsiung VieShow Cinemas Kaohsiung FE21

Hong Kong

March 3, 2019(Sun) Starting at 17:00 (Local Time)
the sky

※The opening times, ticket prices, the method for selling tickets and the release schedule of the tickets will vary from venue to venue. For more information, please visit the theater's home page or contact the corresponding theaters.
※This live stream utilizes satellite technology and the video and/or audio may be interrupted due to uncontrollable circumstances such as the weather.